Yes, a good defense needs players who're good enough to take over a game in spite of scheme or play call. No coach is

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By Poisonut on 07:46:42 09/14/21
[In reply to "listening to Tyvis Powell was interesting.." by whobdis, posted at 07:29:28 09/14/21]


: I"m not going to reeiterate his thoughts on the D as it mirrors what many said. But he was told by Ash at the start of the season that there were two guys who may go on their own during the game..and Tyvis job was try to keep them on track. THe two players were Joey and Darron. That being said Tyvis said you NEED a couple of those guys. THey know what's going on moreso than coaches at times and they are wildcards (his word) on a great D.

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