Some concepts for updated turf at The Horseshoe (m)

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By cvillebuck on 07:58:29 09/14/21

the thread below about replacing the worn turf at the Horseshoe is an opportunity to update the field design. For a little fun I put together some concepts.

This one really needs no imagination. A throwback to the natural grass pre Field Turf.

This one is a little different. No text in the end zones. Some fields have little logos on the 25 or 35 yard line. Notre Dame uses little shamrocks, for example. I don't hate this if your program has a quality, secondary logo that is highly recognizable. Buckeye leaf would be perfect for this effect.

This is inspired by the Rose Bowl. Contrasting endzones. The endzone color extends to out of bounds to the 25 yard line.

This one is absurd. No logos on the field. Just school colors and Ohio State's signature stripe.

I call this one The Sellout . Why should the players have all the NIL fun? I went with Ricart Auto. Maybe every first down, the fans will chant "Weeee're Dealin'!" Other options are Elk & Elk law partners and Condado's tacos.

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