Obviously thats what Day thought as well. Superior talent w/simple scheme. Pressure, don't make mistakes & count on opp

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By DaBuckBoys on 09:54:27 09/14/21
[In reply to "I understand defense a little bit...but I just don't understand the complexity of it all (m)" by TTUBuckeye, posted at 09:07:58 09/14/21]

the opponent to make a mistake... well, that's not happening. Certainly not against Alabama who truly has superior talent & superior scheme.

The problem with simple scheme & just above average talent, you don't have wiggle room to make mistakes. The other teams that have coaches and good schemes are able to exploit things and simple scheme can't adjust.

I wonder how much of the offenses relative struggles to score, 1st half of Minnesota & beginning/end of Oregon game, are due to not getting complex looks in practice? Day says the single high, cover 1/cover 3 gives him the most fits, but what other looks does the offense get to see in practice? Olave & Wilson can beat man all day but what about the zone/let alone zone blitz...

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