I was thinking about that quote the other day. Course that dude got kicked off the team at Bama pretty quickly. However,

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By Hanawi on 10:22:50 09/14/21
[In reply to "A couple few years ago, a Bama recruit was mocking the OSU recruiting class and said something akin to OSU has" by Smartwater, posted at 09:30:29 09/14/21]

there was a play in the 2nd half where JTT just bulled over the pulling guard and made a tackle. On Twitter, they were saying that he actually played it wrong and was supposed to spill the runner outside (that's what the LBs were doing). Same as a play in the first game where Chambers darted in and tackled a running back behind the LOS. It was shocking bc I've seen it so rarely from OSU's LBs. Guarantee it was the wrong technique for what he was supposed to do.

Sometimes, see the ball, get the ball is the way to go. OSU has certainly lacked aggressiveness on defense the lack two years. They let teams dictate to them.

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