Hafley had Chase Young, Malik Harrison, Okudah, Fuller, Sr version of Arnette, Wade in Nickel (m)

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By Barrett777 on 10:58:42 09/14/21

Put those players in the field last Saturday and OSU wins, and all the talk if firing KC is muffled.

Not saying his schemes are right, or that he is the right DC for OSU but Hafley and Day got a lot of credit for that 2019 D when in reality it was loaded with elite talent. Chase Young single handedly disrupted offensive FG loss forcing double teams and short throws. Blitzes are easy to call when you have the DBs OSU had in 2019. Fuller in the back kept most big plays from happening if it broke down in front of him.

Malik Harrison was also very good.

OSU needs some if the 4 and 5 stars in D to step up and become leaders first with their play.

There definitely are some scheme issues, but that also is on Day with his demand that they run Single High.

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