Great post. Any job that has violence as a component this is true. Been in several tactical units for 17 years and (m)

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By Tatum on 11:19:26 09/14/21
[In reply to "A couple few years ago, a Bama recruit was mocking the OSU recruiting class and said something akin to OSU has" by Smartwater, posted at 09:30:29 09/14/21]

and there are dudes who don’t have it in em. And there are dudes who will shoot you in the face in front of your family if warranted. I know lots of people hated Coop, but he always said great players beat schemes.

no dogs, no savages in their recruiting class. I loved hearing the kid say that. It is the essence of the game. Kicking the ass of the guy across from you. That has been a common theme of my comments when the defense has been poor over the years. Too much attention to fulfilling the scheme and not enough on gutting the guy across from you. I remember some of the board comments about the Alabama kid. Posters were glad OSU didn't have players like that. OSU's recruits were civilized and well rounded. That is great and all, but I still want an ass kicker before I want a chef or painter or musician or poet or any other well rounded interests. I think the board is now listening to enough podcasts that it sounds like there is a shift to wanting Day to recruit some dogs and savages. There are 50,000 other students who can go be interesting. OSU football needs warriors.

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