I am for change NOW. Defense is a mess. Offense is great passing, but needs more power running. M

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By ysubuckfan on 11:54:27 09/14/21
[In reply to "thoughts on Day's presser...(m)" by BuckeyeBrad, posted at 11:15:45 09/14/21]

Combs should be demoted now. Two cupcake games offer the timing to change. OSU has Johnson’s years of D1 coaching. Sure, the DL is struggling but it’s not Johnson, they are young and talented. Use a 4-3 front to stop the run and ability to blitz and stunt. Man to man for the DBs, they could be good and not any worse. Combs in the press box to analyze the opponents offense.

On Offense, the line can pass block but not get the push for the power run that is needed. McCord should see at minimum 4 quarters of play the next two games. If Stroud continues to over throw wide open receivers, that issue may be solved. Neither Stroud nor McCord should hesitate to run. Ewers may be the QB in waiting. It’s time for the RB’s trio to step up and take control.

The decision is ultimately Day’s. Will he be stubborn with no adjustments? We he challenge each unit to step up or lose playtime?

: 1) Yes Day is really good at coachspeak, like most other big time coaches are. But I don't think you need to be a master poker player to have seen how disappointed he is in KC and the D generally. Unfortunately, the next several games are against cupcakes and our D might end up looking half decent, but everyone knows we are in deep trouble if significant changes aren't made. KC clearly cant be DC anymore starting now, in function if not in name. Best case scenario is we win and the D continues to struggle, therefore not letting Day off the hook and absolutely forcing his hand.

: 2) Almost completely overlooked was the struggles in the run game. Yes, we have an all-world WR but imo this issue will also get badly exposed against better B1G teams, who will sit back and dare us to run the ball.

: 3) The Sevyn Banks issue remains perplexing, and Day did nothing at all to clear it up. What the heck is going on with this guy?

: 4) CJ Stroud has been more than acceptable in his first two games. For those of you wanting a QB who can bring his strengths as a passer and also run it like JF or JTB could and throw on the run like JF could, you'll be waiting a really long time, imo. He does, however appear to be pretty tentative in his willingness to tuck and run under pressure, and I think that needs to improve for sure.

: 4) Doug Lesmerises is easily the best questioner in the OSU press room. And its not close.

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