Some questioned the hire at the time. Some defended coombs after last year...

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By Brutus on 15:35:45 09/14/21
[In reply to "Day could have perhaps avoided the situation he is in now if he had put Coombs through a true (m) " by Urban Cowbuck, posted at 15:22:22 09/14/21]

: Exhaustive interview process along with 3 or 4 other qualified candidates. This would have given him a chance to truly understand Coombs system and determine if it would match up with his. Perhaps some red flags would have surfaced in questioning in regards to experience in directing a defense. Perhaps we missed the next up big up and comer by not interviewing more candidates. I have the feeling that Coombs got the Buckeye friends and family pass. He's a great recruiter and a loyal former coach, he's gotta be the perfect fit, right?

...saying the issues last year were covid related and hey they stopped Clemson.

There is no denying it or explaining it now. It was an awful hire and a L that Day will wear for a long time. Especially if this season goes sideways.

When the inevitable happens the concern will be the recruiting class. This program needs a talent upgrade. Coombs can recruit. When he is would behoove one of OSUs main computers in the area to bring him in. He can do damage against OSU elsewhere.

All that being said...if Day is married to this scheme the way some reports indicate...Day is digging his own grave and the issues go well beyond the DC.

We learn what kind of coach Ryan Day is now.

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