Some behind-the-scenes info of TV selection rights for B1G games from a 2019 The Athletic article. (m)

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By TallmadgeBuck on 14:43:58 10/11/21

This article was based on an interview with Mike McComiskey, Big Ten Associate Commissioner for Technology. This was shortly after Fox announced Big Noon in 2019.

Mike confirms there is a draft process but it's not weekly. It's for the season. Fox and ESPN have more top picks than BTN. So, Fox does not have the top pick each week. One other interesting nugget is that they aren't necessarily drafting a specific game...

"While the networks already have drafted games, the majority are written in pencil from the fourth week onward, McComiskey said. The networks draft for weekend positioning more than the games themselves. If, for instance, one selected the Iowa-Wisconsin game on Nov. 9 expecting it to be the weekend’s No. 1 game, that network can readjust 12 days before kickoff if it preferred another game."

I imagine the OSU-PSU game was originally higher on the draft board than MSU-scUM. So someone (Fox/ESPN) has a decision to make - to keep the game or give it up. Would Clifford's injury change one their minds?

How do you think the games fell on the draft board this year? Let's assume Fox and ESPN alternate their picks (not necessarily a given) and remember what these games would have looked like preseason (game draft was completed in May).

Fox had/has these big games:

ESPN had/has these big games:
MSU/NW (friday night)

Fox has a pretty big lead in game quality so far. Gotta think ESPN is holding the cards for Oct 30. They seem less inclined than Fox to play their hand early.

Link: Take your pick: How the Big Ten and its media partners craft the football television schedule

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