BB will retire and leave the game. Nothing to prove to anyone, he knows Football. Parcels,

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By ysubuckfan on 06:18:22 10/12/21
[In reply to "I have a feeling Belicheck is going to retire soon, maybe be GM. Then Day becomes HC of the Patriots. *" by IH8UM, posted at 04:57:15 10/12/21]

Walsh an BB all coached well. When it’s time to enjoy life, retire. The stress of Coaching and GM are too exhausting. Retire when you are at the top and let people speculate “why”. After all, BB has a history of people asking, “why was he so successful?” That’s the BB we know.

Whoever succeeds BB has big shoes to fill. Day is better suited in College. The blueprint for success at OSU was made by JT and Urban. Day can be considered in their mold for College success. Coaching at OSU is a top 10 coaching job. The pressure to win is immense but the pay and rewards(if you are motivated by seeing your products succeed in and out of the classroom and going pro) are very desirable.

The three people that could persuade Day to leave for the NFL:
His wife
Gene Smith

His wife and Family have 55% of the decision. Warren and Smith are in the mix because the power to hurt or help OSU and the Big in the next few years.

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