Honestly, it's like picking between the two best scotches you've ever had. You're not going to go wrong either way. (m)

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By ScriptOhio (Texas Ex) on 10:01:38 10/12/21
[In reply to "Your choice - B. Robinson or T. Henderson? *" by the Displaced Buckeye, posted at 09:38:47 10/12/21]

I do think Henderson has benefited from playing on a much more talented, much better coached offense than Robinson got to, so he looks a little more Downtown Athletic Club ready as a freshman than Robinson did.

Henderson I think would win by a nose in a footrace. Robinson is better after contact, marginally. They're both extremely shifty, they both catch the ball well, their ball security is excellent... like I said, you're just racing vintage Ferraris at this point.

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