I think Coombs got a second chance after the Bama game. When the same problems persisted he was done......

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By losu1 on 06:25:37 10/13/21
[In reply to "Thought on Coombs interview and who is responsible for turnaround.(m)" by Hershey, posted at 06:15:44 10/13/21]

I think Day handled it fairly from that perspective. It's clear that Coombs was struggling making adjustments. The other factor is putting young guys with speed to the ball in the game. That change didn't occur until the change either so maybe Kerry was being too loyal to guys who weren't producing.

: The assumption is that Barnes going to the field and calling plays is what turned defense. Isn't it possible that Coombs in the press box spots problems that Barsnes wasn't? Maybe were better more because of Coombs than Barnes.

: I'm not saying this is the reason but the contribution from above is a different skill set.

: It's always said that play calling is a collaboration process. Who knows how much collaboration goes on? You can only manage big picture from above. Quick changes have to come from the field.

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