Egads, you made me remember my career. I threw up but I'm fine now (m)

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By Club Seats on 12:47:53 10/13/21
[In reply to "The Kerry Coombs press conference hit me different - and I'm sure to many other guys on the backside of their career (m)" by Ivo Shandor, posted at 05:40:56 10/13/21]

Started out at H&S in infantry (sorry, audit). After five years, 3 of us up for manager. They promoted no one. They thought if they promoted just one, the other two would leave. Realized I didn't want to be a manager. I left.

Used my skills to move up the accounting food chain, ended up Sr VP Controller of an NYSE multinational pharma company. Two CFO changes, I was never seriously considered. New CEO skyrocketed the stock price and my options. Said AMF and retired on my 55th birthday, 21 years ago.

It was a great job but why do the same thing 7 more years to required retirement? I was working on cruise control, no real challenges.

If possible, maybe you could go on your own or sign up with a smaller more human organization. You should at least inquire. You might be surprised at the places that could use you as a leader. Plus, imo, running something is way more fun than telling others what to do and not getting to do it.

I was kidding about throwing up, but your career resonates with me.

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