My advice: find a place where your skills make a difference and you add critical value. Leaving a place you've been

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By Brutus '92 on 16:50:51 10/13/21
[In reply to "The Kerry Coombs press conference hit me different - and I'm sure to many other guys on the backside of their career (m)" by Ivo Shandor, posted at 05:40:56 10/13/21]

for a long time is unsettling, especially if you are moving big to small. I did it and considered it the hardest decision I ever made. For me it was moving from a successful career at a Fortune 25 multi-national to an executive position at a mid cap domestic manufacturer. I discovered the world is a very big place and the thing holding you back is irrational fear. There is no reason for you to become irrelevant. If you pursue your passion, career opportunity will follow.

You can work literally as long as you want if you are open minded. My Dad retired 3 years ago at 82 in his 3rd career. My 82 year old aunt is still working. Our current President will be in office until at least 82. Warren Buffet is still going at 91.

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