I know you're right. It's just maddening on the heels of such a massive coaching failure in The Game to double or tripl

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By Nashville on 05:28:47 11/30/21
[In reply to "even if Day has been a caretaker of sorts, OSU has still gotten off cheap the last few years at HC..." by Brutus, posted at 20:15:52 11/29/21]

triple his salary.

I'd still need to hear his plans to fix this before I gave the raise and extension. And if he doesn't grasp the severity of the failure we saw Saturday then I'd be prepared to let him go. What we saw against Alabama, Oregon, and Michigan will continue against good teams unless it's addressed.

You said it after the Alabama debacle, but Day didn't see it or address it then. I guess we’ll know soon if he gets it now.

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