his resume is fine. and even better he'd seemingly be a good fit. but people want a big name and think that's...

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By Brutus on 06:07:07 11/30/21
[In reply to "Some have scoffed at the idea, but why not Mike Tressel for DC?(m)" by DaytonBuck, posted at 05:18:25 11/30/21]

...the only way to have success.

I prefer up and comers that have shown the ability to have success or to turn things around at a lower level or a lesser program.

that's what Freeman was such a massive miss. Other than being slightly weak on experience he checked every single box imaginable. He had the OSU ties. His defense was having success. he's young and pretty clearly a rising star. It was a massive miss to not look his way when the choice was an old guy that was in the NFL that hadn't coordinated a defense before.

But I digress.

My prediction is that whoever Day gets in whatever staff shakeup is coming will be underwhelming to the masses. Mostly because the expectation is what was said just below - OSU is a top 4 program go get a big name for big bucks and let him run the defense. Maybe that's how it works out and everything is great. I'm more interested in the guy being a good fit for OSU and like I said my bias is to lean toward an up and comer with new ideas and a new way of doing things. Offenses have evolved and keep doing so. It's time for OSU's defense to do the same.

: He's coached LB/ST starting at UC in 2004. He's a Dantonio disciple.

: His UC defense is currently #8 in Total Defense and #3 in Scoring Defense.

: You get rid of the ST coach, freeing up another spot for a defensive coach. He can be HC/LB coach like he is currently.

: Just a thought.

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