I think what bothers me most right now is they have a chance at the national chamionship.(m)

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By Boredatwork on 07:24:00 11/30/21
[In reply to "There has never been a scUM loss that impacted me less than this one. Anyone else feel this? (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 07:17:57 11/30/21]

: Is it just natural as we age? Hell I’m 10 years older than the last time it happened.

: Is it just satisfaction with the run we have had for 20 years?

: Part of me feels like it’s due to the “all or nothing” world of CFB we now live in. scUM was in our way for a playoff spot & that was all that mattered. I think The Game used to define our season, but it doesn’t anymore. It can determine the ultimate outcome for sure.

I they were 8-3 going in to THE GAME it probably wouldn't bother me at all at this point. And seeing Harbaugh happy pissed me off. I was at OSU when he guaranteed that win back in the day. Can't stand him at all.

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