The team, staff & Buckeye Nation had reached that complacent point due to success....

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By AlumMatters on 07:41:27 11/30/21
[In reply to "There has never been a scUM loss that impacted me less than this one. Anyone else feel this? (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 07:17:57 11/30/21]

17 wins in 20 years....are you f#$&in kidding me. Historical.

10 years without a loss to them (OSU record by a long way)

28 straight conference wins (OSU record by a long way)

Final four last two years.

Large sections of empty seats in student section.

Subdued home crowds.

Fun Friday practices.

In sports (and life) painful losses get your attention and this one will.

We weren't soft and "not tough" vs. Clemson. Why ???
Because our guys were disrespected and pissed off.

Got to get that "edge" back

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