Because this loss doesn't suddenly erase all the moments of domination over the last 20 years

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By cvillebuck on 08:11:13 11/30/21
[In reply to "There has never been a scUM loss that impacted me less than this one. Anyone else feel this? (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 07:17:57 11/30/21]

Johnny Wells steamrolling them up in AA 310 days after Tressel was introduced

Will Allen's pick lets party Columbus

Ted Ginn housing the punt

Troy's comeback in AA

Game of the Century

Henne and Hart go 0-4

Terrelle Pryor slapping around Rich Rod for 3 straight years

Stoning scUM in the 2nd half to cap off a perfect season

Picking off Gardner to crush their dreams in edge of your seat madness

JT Barrett and Zeke putting up 9 rushing touchdowns and 560 yards rushing over two games.

Insane Double OT game that ends with a dagger and loss you know they will never get over

Revenge Tour crashing and burning in Columbus, Urban grilling a 60 burger over their smoldering ashes

We get to keep these memories whether or not they win one once in a while. It sucks to lose the streak but we'll kick their ass and add to this list next year.

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