SCum yapped like this during the Coop years. Very aggravating. Thought it would be enough to not let it happen again (m)

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By Barrett777 on 08:50:14 11/30/21
[In reply to "Gattis said. “They’re a finesse team. They’re not a tough team. And we knew that we can out-physical them" *" by Buck-o-matic, posted at 07:44:06 11/30/21]

The SCum loss was bad.

The way the Bucks lost to SCum made it 100x worse. They literally bullied OSU like the Bucks were a bunch of wimps. On both sides of the LoS.

Some fans are not helping here acting as if somehow passing for 396 yards softens what happens. If anything it is making it worse. Content with some meaningless moral victory even though the bully punched you in the mouth repeatedly throughout the game and never got a single punch back. The best comeback is we just threw it over the top with our superiority there.

It is still way early, but I have heard nothing that convinces me anyone at OSU gets the ramifications with this to date. Coach Day’s postgame comments were something John Cooper would have said. Step one should have been that he owns it, and this will never happen again on his watch. Also no more equating a tough 6 game stretch and talking about other games in the same breath as The Game. Some really good stretches in the tough 6 game stretch. Blah-blah-blah. First tough road game all season. Unlike most of the other OSU opponents, SCum had done top HS recruits just like Oregon did. Could not just dominate with far superior talent at every position.

Bullies are going to be bullies until you punch them back harder and repeatedly until they submit. To assume something will change next year without ever admitting and then facing the issue will fix nothing.

What Gattis said was 100% true. Who cares that he said it. After years of watching Day get more control of his own program they believe the dye is set. Oregon already priced this was not a one game fluke.

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