It has been a gradual slide. Justin Fields was the Field General who set the tone of “toughness”. (M)

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By Barrett777 on 10:00:27 11/30/21
[In reply to "As I posted below - we were a finesse team this year, but not in 2019 or 2020 under Day." by Mr.C, posted at 08:55:53 11/30/21]

Dwayne and CJ are the opposite of tough, and opposite of Field Generals. Both have very good arms, but neither is a leader.

Day allowed Dwayne to not run at all until Urban had enough and benched him in RZ. Dwayne pouted and thought he could get the Urban mens’s going that he used a meanie. Lots of talk in 2018 because if this type of attitude that the players preferred playing for Day. We know why that is.

CJ was allowed to do it all season long. Day never did anything to force CJ to run at least when it us wide open.

What dies this price about last two years? The toughness had nothing to do with Day. Player led, and also enough leadership still around from players that were influenced by Urban.

Great coaches and QB’s lead. From the front.

There is zero in Ryan Day’s background or Resume that shows toughness. Does not mean he cannot be tough, but there have been obvious signs since he came here.

BTW, there are a lot of great traits. Very smart offensive mind especially in the pass game, very nice individual, good family man, great pass game offensive coordinator.

There is nothing untrue about comments made by Harbaugh or Gattis. Day is similar to Lincoln Riley and current Arizona Cardinals coach.

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