Izzo wins because he recruits good players that can match both the BIG and Tournament Teams consistently. Notice how

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By ysubuckfan on 18:08:18 03/17/23
[In reply to "Great interview with IZZO after his win, he is great and I know i'm in the minority on here*the *" by Phil OSU'59, posted at 14:23:00 03/17/23]

Teams rebound and maneuver around the Basket. They always have size inside with guards that create shots. Walker drove past 2 players often to create 5 on 3 matchups. Izzo does complain to the refs a lot but gets his points to watch across.

Aside from his tendency to get in the refs ear; Izzo is good example of a Coach that cares about Player Health. Years ago an Ohio State got really bad leg cramps in front of his bench. Izzo jumped in before any Trainer and worked on relieving the cramps. Since that Game, my respect for Izzo increased. Izzo could very easily let the Ohio State Player suffer more. Players on both benches respected Izzo’s quick attention to the player’s immediate need.

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