They and Lutheran West got kicked out of their conference in basketball starting next season. These smaller school (m)

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By buckeyecurt on 10:23:28 03/18/23
[In reply to "russia hung in there for 3 quarters....can't say I've seen a dIV team as talented and athletic as richmond hts... *" by Bill Flemming, posted at 10:06:29 03/18/23]

basketball factories are ruining the high school basketball landscape. Add Afrocentric in that as well. These are basically small schools that recruit basketball players & keep the general enrollment small enough to stay D2-D4.

A local radio guy who was a Head Coach in high school for years as well as a college assistant basically said if they don’t kick these teams out (or form a separate division for them) the small community schools will never win another state championship.

Heck, Richmond Heights beat St Ed’s this year. No normal D4 school would even schedule them, let alone beat them.

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