There are many ways to win or lose a game. I'm surprised to see most B1G teams have lost off reb battle so far in mm.

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By vor (champion) on 14:22:05 03/18/23
[In reply to "Just asking but is there a trend in all these stats. Doesn’t seem to be one to me. *" by Nickbuck, posted at 13:24:48 03/18/23]

During the season, the B1G teams generally are not as aggressive in applying defensive pressure as other conferences like SEC. The B1G teams that do, like Rutgers and NW, this year, did well in the conference. Rutgers finished 11-11 in conference despite being one of the worst shooting teams in the country. NW lost a couple really good players, also, is one of the worst shooting teams in the country, but made up for it with aggressive D.
NW also takes care of the ball, but, perhaps, again, that is a reflection of B1G conference. NW had 17 turnovers in a game vs Rutgers and only 4 in a game vs Penn State. It was not because NW kept great care of the ball against PSU. The pressure from opposing defense plays a big part of that.

A veteran team like Penn State usually takes care of the ball and therefore, can get away without playing pressure defense.
Kellogg mentioned a couple times that Purdue did not apply any pressure to FDU guards while FDU did apply pressure to Purdue. If you lose TO battle, you can make it up in other areas. A pressure defense can lead to more back door opportunities.

Playing aggressive defensively and offensively can give you a good mental advantage. FDU had a big mental advantage against Purdue. Purdue looked passive and scared to shoot. A coach can do certain things to try to give his team momentum. UNC applied a full court press against OSU that gave them momentum to win the game. Ohio State looked passive toward end of that game.

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