Day chose Coombs because he knows recruiting is mission #1. He bet that Coombs could learn the job

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By Mr.C on 10:47:07 05/09/22
[In reply to "I don't blame Kerry Coombs for ruining our defense (more)" by AndrewX, posted at 08:00:28 05/09/22]

having worked as position coach on some great defenses at OSU and elsewhere, and bet wrong. Yes, it's on Day, but there's also a lot of hindsight in the criticism of the choice.

I mean, Urban gets criticized for putting Schiano on staff which lead to the 2018 abomination (rightly so in the "buck stops here" sense), but exactly zero people thought Schiano was a bad hire at the time it happened.

: If you give a 10-year-old the keys to your Ferrari, it's your fault when he crashes it, not his. This is squarely on Day.

: It's clear he is aware of the mistake and he made sure to get a professional DC this time around.

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