it was a 2 day rookie minicamp. half of their UDFAs (like Teague) were cut afterward...

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By Brutus on 03:18:18 05/10/22
[In reply to "I wonder what they saw or didn't see that fast? *" by CLTBUCKEYE, posted at 17:42:21 05/09/22] put in college terms, the guys the Bears actually drafted are like scholarship players. The UDFAs (like Teague) are preferred walk ons. and also at this camp were mostly unsigned players there for a try out - so kind of like a walk on.

The drafted guys aren't being cut this early. the UDFAs have a little leg up on the try out guys since the team already made a (small, tiny) cash investment with them. The Bears apparently liked another RB there that was a try out player over Teague. So Teague gets cut and the other guy gets signed, essentially taking Teague's spot.

Very cut throat business. And I think everyone and their mother wishes the best for Teague. Seems like truly a great young man.

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