little known fact, OSU has had 6 LBs drafted in the first 3 rounds since 2014

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By Brutus on 03:32:21 05/10/22
[In reply to "LB play had fallen off since need 3 top LBs at OSU *" by B_DeckUsher79, posted at 08:57:41 05/09/22]

2014 - Shazier 1st round
2016 - Lee 1st round
2017 - Kwon 2nd round
2018 - Baker 3rd round (steal)
2020 - Harrison 3rd round
2021 - Werner 2nd round
2021 - Browning 3rd round

that sort of early round production is in the ballpark of the more celebrated WR, DE and CB spots when it comes to OSU draftees in recent years.

talent/ability hasn't been the issue. how they've asked these LBs to play (and in Browning's case in particular the spot where he was playing here for so long) has been a problem.

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