part of the deal is Brady being an ambassador or whatever for Fox Sports...

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By Brutus on 18:27:01 05/11/22
[In reply to "The contract surely has some outs for FOX (m)" by WolfBuck, posted at 15:47:11 05/11/22]

...could just be nonsense they are saying to better justify the deal.

also it is unlikely they are paying the PBP guy Joe Buck money so for the entire booth even with Brady's deal it may not be that much more than what ESPN is paying Buck and Aikman.

Overall, announcers and commentators are overrated IMO anyway. or at least I generally don't care who is commenting as long as they aren't horrible. not many people are watching the NFL because Romo and Nantz are on the call.

: Even if he is really good, the novelty will go dry after a few years. And then they will need to dump him.

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