My soon-to-be wife (OSU '90) and I were there, and we were young (and stupid) enough to stay the whole game (m)

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By JWH on 02:21:17 05/14/22
[In reply to "It was so miserable it was memorable - and sort of photogenic. 1998 vs PSU was a cold rain-fest too. *" by Mr.C, posted at 16:12:37 05/12/22]

in spite of the ridiculous weather. We had south stands tickets and started the game there but when the front moved in and the cold wind picked up it was blowing from the north right into our faces.

A lot of people left by the 3rd Q and we spent the whole second half moving around the stadium sitting in seats that we typically couldn't afford, or didn't want to afford, such as 50 yard line home side A deck. But that time the ushers couldn't have cared less.

After the novelty of that wore off and avoiding frost bite became a higher priority we started looking for seats that were out of the wind, and that turned out to be B or C deck in the NW corner of the stadium. We stayed until it was over. Years later we lost her to cancer in only her 40s. Out of all the games we attended, which for several seasons until our first baby came along was most homes game and some of the away and bowl games, '93 PSU was one of the games we remembered and laughed about the most.

A lot of people who talk about how the natural field was so great in the '90s seem to forget that game or just don't know about it. By the 4th Q the field was nothing but a mud hole especially between the hashes. There was only one home game left that year (Indiana on Nov 13th) but the field was in such horrible shape they had to re-sod it just for that one game. They knew that new sod would not take root in Ohio in November, it would come up in clumps during the Indiana game, and that it would not survive the winter. All of the above were accurate and the field had to be re-sodded again the next spring.

Good times.

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