The schools are so dissimilar that it seems impossible to compare big-picture. Maybe individual colleges

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By Mr.C on 12:09:43 06/17/22
[In reply to "Discussion with my boss (ND grad) wrt academics" by Trucker22, posted at 08:10:07 06/17/22]

like engineering, etc can make for a better apples-to-apples comparisons, but just finding common criteria for assembling the rankings isn't that easy.

OSU is so much more geared towards graduate programs and research that it just plays a different game.

: He says he respects OSU but it is no way comparable to ND. He is surely biased but always falls back on admission requirements and selectivity.

: Therefore he judges us on our lowest rated admitted students and not from the top down

: I wish there was a state for ranking our top 1,000 incoming frosh each year. I bet we would be considered elite

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