;-). Attended both schools. ND is a great school with a different mission than OSU (m)

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By BayAreaBuck on 15:35:21 06/17/22
[In reply to "I would defer to Bay Area Buck on this one" by G-Man, posted at 10:49:28 06/17/22]

ND’s undergraduate population is roughly 8,000. OSU’s is 46,000. Top 8,000 OSU undergrads are similar to ND’s student body. Median ACT for ND is 33-34, which is fantastic. Top 25% percent of OSU all have ACT of 32 or higher, which is nearly 12,000 students.

OSU has steadily improved student quality since 2000. Not the same school it was in the 20th century.

As for football players, very few ND players would have been admitted if they weren’t athletes. Same with Stanford, Northwestern, etc. Don’t think there is any discernible difference in academic aptitude between OSU and ND football players. Only thing one could point to is the fact OSU offers many more majors than ND, so there are less rigorous options for OSU players if they are so inclined.

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