Test req's are being phased out for admissions. They favor richer students and are thus deemed unfair.

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By In Paris on 15:51:26 06/17/22
[In reply to "Discussion with my boss (ND grad) wrt academics" by Trucker22, posted at 08:10:07 06/17/22]

BUT...they are in fact quite predictive of college success. This does not mean that higher scores definitively indicate greater potential, only greater preparation. There is a correlation, but it is imperfect, to the point where schools are dropping it.

Colleges are changing their missions to seek greater potential (via non-testing factors), versus greater preparation, for social justice reasons and to enable potential lifelong-achievers previously repressed by being poor or unfairly repressed. Potential hidden behind repression is harder to spot, so admissions is now more complex.

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