Well, there's no question that the Ivy cohort today is *much* richer than in my time (m)...

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By Hibernobuck on 15:59:43 06/17/22
[In reply to "I saw that article when it came out. In the land of elite colleges, she was just “average”. (M)" by Squeak, posted at 15:43:14 06/17/22]

...and I speak from personal observation (an Ivy master's and Ph.D., in addition to my OSU M.A.). What sank this unfortunate young woman's chances was not demonstrated ability—her academic accomplishments were certainly no worse than most of the people matriculating at the schools that rejected her, and significantly better than some (USC, Northwestern)—but her inability to deploy the markers of privilege that would have commended her to admissions committees.

As I say, hardly any Phillips Exeter or Deerfield graduates with her CV will find themselves constrained to go to Arizona State.

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