Really the dropping of such requirements makes no difference, except to rig the game further (m)...

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By Hibernobuck on 17:16:34 06/17/22
[In reply to "Test req's are being phased out for admissions. They favor richer students and are thus deemed unfair." by In Paris, posted at 15:51:26 06/17/22]

...No university is saying they won't accept SAT/ACT scores; they simply say that they don't require them. The result is that a lot of optimistic no-chancers with a pair of 500s on the SAT apply to Big Name U., believing that this concession gives them a shot. The universities love to see that, because it boosts their application numbers and makes them look more selective than they actually are. This strategy is cynically known as "recruit-to-reject": it's one of the reasons that Hahvahd's admission rate was more than 12% for the class of 2001, but a mere 3.2% for the class of 2025.

Meanwhile the rich will continue to send their kids to SAT grind-schools and, as soon as they achieve a credible score (after God alone knows how many tries), submit them.

Up-market universities are not at all admitting growing numbers of the "poor or unfairly repressed." To the contrary, their cohorts are becoming steadily wealthier. A 2018 study showed that only 3% of Hahvahd's admitted students came from the bottom 20% of the population by income level, and only 16% from the bottom sixty per cent. By contrast, more than 70% of admits came from the top fifth of Americans by income. The same is true of other expensive universities.

Snob-value U.S. higher education (I hesitate to say "élite") is becoming less egalitarian with each passing year, not more so. If I were American, I'd be not at all pleased about that.

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