Tickets / Game Time Wndow Question (inside)

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By robsnavely on 19:09:38 06/17/22

I got my B.A. at Ohio Univeristy and my Masters at Ohio State. While getting tickets at Ohio State has had its share of frustrations, I know the process pretty well and feel comfortable.

However, my wife and I would like to go to Ohio University's homecoming football game this year.

The Oct 8 game for OSU is against MSU. I assume that will be a BIG Noon as long as Sparty doesn't Sparty too much. And that will be what I will be watching.

The Ohio U game says it's at 2pm. But, it also says, "12-day TV Selection" after the game time.

Does this mean the date could change within the within the 12 days before the game? Or does this mean that the time could change in the 12 days beforehand?

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