There's something to that, but I think rankings are somewhat influenced by which schools offer and land the player.

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By JBUCK on 12:09:36 06/21/22
[In reply to "While I see your point, the top 5 recruiting rankings look a lot like the final AP top 5. (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 11:43:42 06/21/22]

Maybe not as much at the pre-established top of the list, but it isn't uncommon for a lower ranked recruit to move up after committing to a premier school. Were the rankings wrong to begin with if OSU offers and lands a three star? They very well might have been, so the bump may be justified.

I'm just saying there is a bit of a circular element to this with the fluidity and coverage of multiple recruiting services. Player development at certain schools plays into this as well.

If you're going to Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, or OSU you must be good so your ranking result looks better - and it probably should be better given the results.

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