In terms of total yearly compensation, Beals was the second highest paid coach in the B1G..

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By Heisenbuck on 12:25:23 06/22/22
[In reply to "Late to the party. Can you give a relative sense of how much, if any, this is a change in financial commitment? *" by JBUCK, posted at 09:46:42 06/22/22]

I think Beals unwillingness to go out and get better assistants was more about control than money. Bringing in guys from outside the program who might have some fresh ideas can be…problematic for a coach who is only looking to maintain the status quo. In other words, I don’t think he felt any real pressure to get better on the field so he was mainly interested in consolidating to speak.

I haven’t seen anything in regards to salaries but I’d be willing to bet the current staff combined makes in the neighborhood of what Beals was making by himself.

I’m being pretty harsh on Beals, but I will say he’s everything you want in a leader of young men…it just didn’t translate to on the field success. The culture was strong. Grades and graduation, fundraising, alumni support, etc all got better during Beals’ watch…he just didn’t win enough.

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