I would agree...he took the fall for Tatgate and I know people will say (m)

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By BuckeyeRef on 04:21:51 06/23/22
[In reply to "Kinda feels like he and Ohio State (and vice versa) have a little bridge mending to do. If so, hope that happens soon *" by gobux, posted at 21:41:54 06/22/22]

he lied when he signed some document stating all his players were eligible (or something to that extent), but OSU admin should have stood behind him more than they did. I've seen a lot worse things happen to different programs and their coaches don't get let go.

Of course, if Tress doesn't leave in 2011, does Urban Meyer come to OSU in 2012??? Although I've been a critic of Meyer "off the field and his narcisstic personality", Meyer did take what Tressel had done and elevated it to Top 5 program in country. Ryan Day seems to have taken it another step forward where we're Top 3 program (you can say Bama is #1 and I'd have no argument) and OSU & Clemson are interchangeable at #2 & #3.

Best of luck to Jim Tressel and I'm grateful for what he did to turn around the program and BEAT MICHIGAN 9 of his 10 seasons in Columbus!!! Thanks Tress...

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