Very good post and spot on. The morality police came out of every closet to bring Tressel down (m)

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By Barrett777 on 10:32:21 06/23/22
[In reply to "Tat5 stuff was relatively trivial and minor then...just got blown up to epic proportions...." by Brutus, posted at 07:03:31 06/23/22]

: ...but looking at those 'transgressions' through the lens of college sports's laughable that OSU and JT went through such a ringer

Best analogy is he was driving 58 in a 55 speed zone, got pulled over snd did not give a few straight answers. Meanwhile the road was filled with numerous cars going 100+ MPH but since they were not pulled over all was fine.

Add the Damon Flint saga over a gym bag and OSU was in the wrong end of literal witch hunts given what actually transpired compared to the real shenanigans in college basketball and football.

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