I think you need some diversity of skills at the position. Not every guy needs to be the same type of player...

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By Brutus on 16:26:57 08/02/22
[In reply to "Agree. Go for the physical guy instead of lanky receiving type that needs 2 years of weight gain to contribute. *" by sloop bucky buck, posted at 16:16:44 08/02/22]

...but Ruckert was the guy last year but the 2 other TEs that got snaps of really any kind were Stover and Rossi. A defensive player turned blocking TE and Rossi the former walk-on. these guys are essentially fullbacks from the old I-formation systems. which is fine. clearly needed in this offense. but unless something is going to change with how the TEs are used, and IMO Ruckert provided a great opportunity to change the perception of how OSU TEs are used, then you need one main guy that can block and catch and 2 dudes that are going to do basically nothing but block.

Maybe Gee Scott changes the game for OSU at the TE spot. who knows.

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