guys that flipped from OSU since 2013 per 247

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By Brutus on 17:26:30 08/02/22
[In reply to "Thinking of players that flipped to or from OSU and how it turned out for them? *" by NortonBuckeye, posted at 16:34:59 08/02/22]

not a stellar list


Alex Anzalone - this was the incident with the guy that hung around the program that was a pedo or something like that I think. AA has had a decent career in the NFL

Lewis Neal - productive college player for LSU but didn't last in the NFL as a UDFA


Lawrence Marshall - ?

Lonnie Johnson - played well at Kentucky and currently with the Chiefs


Ben Edwards - ?

Carlton Davis - went to Auburn and plays for the Bucs now I think

Tyler Green - ?


Terrell Lewis - went to Bama drafted Round 3 and with the Rams

Kareem Walker - ha

George Hill - ?

Tristen Wallace - went down hill and kept going


Tyjon Lindsay - was one of Tater's dudes from Vegas

Jake Moretti - OL

Todd Sibley - RB went to Pitt

Antjuan Simmons - LB nice career at Sparty

Danny Clark - redid his tattoo

Bruce Judson - ?


Brenton Cox - never lived up to the hype

Jaiden Woodbey - S flipped to FSU then ended up at BC. people lost their minds when he flipped.

Emory Jones - PFF had him as a top 10 draft pick before last season. then last season happened.

Andrew Chatfield - ?


Jordan Battle - went to bama so he's good

Doug Nester - OL flipped to WVU not sure what the deal is now

Sampson James - RB for Indiana

D-Wan Mathis - QB had some health issues I think?

Kane Patteron - ?


Clark Phillips - Utah DB looked like a player to me

Darvon Hubbard - ?

Jake Wray - ?

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