OSU will be fine. Always is. But that doesn't make the last month or so fun or good in terms of recruiting...

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By Brutus on 09:32:23 08/03/22
[In reply to "Ok Chicken Little! Please stop! This year was going to be hard to get any D recruits!.. .." by jharp, posted at 05:38:26 08/03/22]

..and it's not a big deal to say it.

: Recruiting is done over years. Not a single year. D and OL recruiting was going to suffer this year with all the coaching changes. Next year will be better but it will be the following year we will see the real fruits of recruiting.
: No brand new coach on the scene is going to do as well as a coach that has been recruiting them for 4 years.
: Add in some did get paid more And some has personal reasons to stay close to home.

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