I see absolutely nothing questionable about Day at all

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By G-Man on 12:09:32 08/03/22
[In reply to "Perceptions can be tricky, but Day really seems to be a stand up guy. (m)" by Bucket from Joe's, posted at 11:55:28 08/03/22]

He had to become the man of his house at a very young age

: We all know Urbs had a dark side, and quite frankly, I think Tressel had a liiiittle bit of shadiness too him as well. Cooper appeared to be a straight arrow, but Earle.....well, I think theres a lot more that went on with Earle that was/has been kept on the down low.

: Day seems like a genuinely good guy.

: take it for what its worth. What do I know?

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