I had the good fortune of spending time close to the OSU team at the Fiesta Bowl in ‘19(m)

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By 4OHST8 on 13:04:55 08/03/22
[In reply to "I see absolutely nothing questionable about Day at all" by G-Man, posted at 12:09:32 08/03/22]

as my wife was involved with the committee. We helped with the team accommodations and my wife ran the spouse activities for the coaches wives. I can tell you that in that limited time Day was very down to earth and approachable. Not a Prima Donna in any fashion. Nina appeared to be the same. Just good people. It’s anecdotal but I came away very happy with where OSU was with regards to coaching after that experience. I know the limelight has the potential to change people so I hope the Day’s can avoid it.

2 other notes, absolutely the opposite with Urbs on that. He showed up at the hotel demanding a variety of amenities and he was not with the OSU contingent. The OSU admin people were quite put out. Very much a “do you know who I am” situation. Also, we also were involved with the LSU team from 2018. Kelly Orgeron (Ed’s wife who he since divorced) was very nice. Absolutely looked like a diva when you first meet her but quite a nice person and down-to-earth. I saw Ed filed for divorce ahead of last year after the NC and I raised an eyebrow because of the experience with Kelly.

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