Agree with your take. Arguably as good or better in the trenches than SCum last season (m)

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By Barrett777 on 06:09:00 08/04/22
[In reply to "Bucks should win, but I'm not seeing how we're believing it's going to be that easy..." by Brutus, posted at 04:40:56 08/04/22]

Definitely will be more physical and talented upfront compared to the Oregon team that came into Columbus and controlled the game.

Red Zone TD success will be huge for OSU. Passing yards that lead to FG’s or empty scoring drives will be ND’s goal.

A key for ND will be Mayer at TE. No doubt they will attack OSU with both the fun game and play action off of it. Mayer is a load for the best college LB or Safety trying to guard him.

OSU being at Home is huge. That said, teams that control game tempo and field position can quiet the loudest home crowds.

I expect OSU to win, but if OSU covers that big spread it likely will come at the end in garbage points with ND getting desperate trying to win. Hopefully the coaches and players do not buy in to this large spread. Should be a very physical, hard hitting game for 4 quarters.

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