How it translates to gameplay with new scheme yet to be determined. (m)

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By bucksfan61 on 12:18:28 08/04/22
[In reply to "Im sorry but there is no way you can say this D which was not good at tackling, leverage, " by Nickbuck, posted at 12:02:11 08/04/22]

: aweful in the red zone, could not cover at the LB spot and gave up average over 40 its per game to the 3 best teams we played "looks good on paper " at all spots

On paper

DE looks good with Tuimoliau, Sawyer, Harrison, Friday and Jean-Baptiste
DT looks good with Vincent, Williams, Hamilton, Hall Jr and Cage
Leo looks good with Sawyer, Tuimoliau and Curry (I’m guessing here)
Will looks good with Chambers, Trayanum and Hicks
Mike looks good with Eichenberg, Simon and Powers
Corner looks good with Burke, Brown, Hancock and Johnson
Nickel looks good with McCallister, Ransom and Martinez
Safety looks good with Hickman, Proctor, Williams, Styles and Stokes

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