Esp w Siebert’s move to CB ~ secondary is loaded!

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By G-Man on 18:33:15 08/04/22
[In reply to "Ohio State has a loaded team . Guys are not going to play on Defense unless they make plays. They literally have 2-3 guy" by NortonBuckeye, posted at 14:54:54 08/04/22]

He switched his jersey number and practiced there today, so I assume this is not just a joke, believe it or not

: who can play these positions . I will be shocked if this is not a top 10 Defense this year . I see this like 2019 but with an even better Offense and Special teams . No one talks about the special teams . Great kickers . Excellent returners and athletic guys on coverage . I understand the “ show me “ guys after last year ( and the Bama game ) but Knowles is a big time D Coordinater . He probably doesn’t know what to do with himself with all this talent .

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