First if your in Ohio tonight is first date your allowed to scrimmage so it can’t be the 2 cd scrimmage.

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By Nickbuck on 06:54:09 08/05/22
[In reply to "They get plenty of summer practice now that they can start in June with non-padded practices. (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 06:22:00 08/05/22]

Second 7 on 7 is not football. It is nice to have them together but far cry from the physical game you need to prepare for. Football still needs o and D lineman. Last workouts until 8-1 are not mandatory. You need those 2 a days to get good practices with every one there to set the tone.

Two a days were mostly viewed as a necessity because the coaches were trying to install a system in a 3-week time period. Now our local high school has been training since June 1st & has already played five 7 on 7 games and is playing scrimmage number 2 this evening.

: In college and pros, there are so many off-season OTA type activities and they never get out of shape. It just is no longer necessary.

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