as a team OSU was a 5.6ypc last year, good for 3rd in the nation...

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By Brutus on 13:34:26 08/05/22
[In reply to "can we have a running offense without a running QB? Ryan Day has not proven that " by buckyramone, posted at 12:42:40 08/05/22]

...the issue was more with specific situations, short yardage, red zone etc. Some of that comes down to want to (both coach and players) and some of it comes from how you practice and prepare as a team.

Just as the issues on defense were plain to see and changes have been made, it seems like the same may have happened with the run game. changed the OL coach so something wasn't working. We'll see how it goes this year both in how the players on the field execute and what the play caller decides to call in certain situations.

A coach can talk about wanting to be physical and wanting to run the ball all they want. nearly every coach will yap about it. But this is a deeds, not words situation. Don't talk about wanting to have a physical football team or saying that this is a physical football team. Be physical enough to where no one bothers questioning it.

: I'm high on our QB, but not a threat to run. Two recent seasons we have not been effective running the ball when our QB didn't run. First and goal at the 4 against Purdue and JK couldn't get it in.... has to change

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