Window. A lot has happened. CFP expanded. B12/PAC?? have reportedly opened tv negotiations early...

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By Chewbuckeye on 15:16:38 09/20/22
[In reply to "It is interesting because the last leak was ND was going to join any day....." by jharp, posted at 14:48:15 09/20/22]

: That one never made sense as ND had not even started looking at their new TV deal yet.

: This one also has an issue. Both are state schools in very liberal states. Currently the governor of another liberal state is looking into ways to stop a school from leaving the P12. While some on here disagree I think the B1G will wait to add another state school until this plays out. States do provide some funding for state schools. They also provide services like roads to the schools. The state also pays into the power companies that provide power to these schools. Etc
: I think this has a chance to get really ugly.

: Plus as we are in fall already ND was supposed to start negotiations for their TV deal in the spring. It will not take them long to see if they are in the same ball park as the B1G is. I also expect Warren signing with NBC adds pressure to ND - how much money is NBC laying into college football?

: While Oregon and Washington may come to the conference eventually I doubt it will be in the window he claims. We are already more then hallway thru his window of time and there has been no movement.

Both Oregon and Washington have reportedly been to Chicago to open talks with B1G. Probably missed a couple other events.

I think this just a window where lots of discussions are possible. Actual announcement (if any) will happen later. My thought is between Big championship game and CFP playoff semis if they are coming in 2024. Anytime after that means 2025 or later.

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